The Warranty will be voided if The product is damaged physically. The product is repaired, modified, or disassembled.

We provide 1 year warranties that cover most  of the Parts, only Burn & Physical damage or Brocken will not be included in the warranty.

Delta Store  provides a 1 year warranty (Labor & Servicing) for all our computers (laptop & Desktop). 

In case of failure, the product is repaired free of charge. If the repair is not possible, Parts Can be replaced and you have to pay the price for the Replaced Parts only. Labor & Servicing  will be absolutely free for 1 year

Delta Store also offer extended warranties for an additional fee. This warranty period starts from the date of the Delta Store-Invoice. After the warranty expiration, we offer free general tech support and phone support, but do not cover parts & Services related to Parts repair or replacement. If any additional service is required will be charged Shipping/handling is the customer’s responsibility. The customer is responsible for the shipping cost outside the UAE.

Product Returns

In case any product needs to be returned to Delta Store for warranty service, the customer should make sure to present our original invoice with the product serial number and the computer with the same matching SERIAL number mentioned or printed on the device the Delta Store will not accept any return shipment without the PRODUCT SERIAL number. Shipping/handling is the customer’s responsibility

Return For Credit

If customer request or demand to return credit for defective or DOA products, the process is initiated only when the product is sold within 15 days from Delta Store invoice date. Delta Store will not charge any amount/price as a restocking fee.

Replacement Conditions

Replacement of any defective or unsatisfactory product is subject to the available quantity in Delta Store stock. In case any unavailability of stock occurs, Delta Store will offer alternate options. Delta Store will have at least 4 to 5 days to procure and replace the product for the customer. visit contact about

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